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GLOBALBASE Concept and Mechanism

  1. SF.JP Project of the Month (English Transrated)
    SF.JP Project of the Month (Japanese Original)
  2. Protocol Reference Model of GLOBALBASE Architecture: The Autonomous Decentralized GIS [PDF]

For User Browsing

  1. LOCALBASE User Interface Manual [PDF]
  2. COSMOS Users Manual [PDF]
  3. COSMOS Reference Manual [PDF]

For Administrator

  1. LANDSCAPE Startup Manual [PDF]
  2. LANDSCAPE Script Reference Manual [PDF]
  3. Documents of Agents
    1. xl Agent Reference Manual
    2. xlsv Agent Reference Manual
    3. gbview Agent Reference Manual
    4. gbmx Agent Refernece Manual [PDF]
  4. LOCALBASE Setup Manual [PDF]
  5. HTTP Gateway Reference Manual

Bugs Reports and Version Information

  1. ver.B. Release Notes [PDF]

For Contents Data Developper

For GLOBALBASE System Developper

  1. Manual Environment and How to Writing Manuals
  2. How to prepare Development Environment

Old Manuals (Japanese)

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